Sunday, February 15, 2009


Yes I went skiing. The first time since I was 18. I went with the youth from church and I had a lot of fun. My favorite part was taking pictures. ( ha ha) The mountain did beat me and I was done skiing after a few hours. I did come home with a few suvoiners. Bruised ribs and a bruised backside. Lots of padding so the latter didn't really hurt. The ribs however ..........


Wednesday night at the 9:30 club. We were all pretty tired the next day but it was so worth it. If you have never heard of Zac Brown Band I would look them up. They are so much fun and I can't wait to see them again. Little big town was also a very good band. They were really good.

Last Few Months

I wish I was a better writer so that I could put this in writing better. I will just put it down from my heart. It has been a long while since I posted and I will post some pictures in a minute. It has been a challenging few months but we are coming out of it. Alex has been put through a lot for a 16 year old but I am hopeful that he will be a better person for it. He lost a good friend this week and I think that is very hard for him. He has such a big heart that he has been trying to help everyone through their grief. I wish there was more I could do for him. All I can do is be here to listen to him when he wants to talk. Kyle is growing up too. He is starting to really put in to action some of the coping skills we have worked on for him. He has a way to go but when you see where he has been it is major.I would really like to express my gratetude for my friends. I don't think I could have gotten through parts of the last few months without the help and support of a few wonderful people. I am a very lucky girl.I don't think I have anything else for tonight. I am much better with pictures so I will post some of those now.