Saturday, June 20, 2009

The best day we have had as a family in a long time. The boys got along and actually had a good time. They were laughing and running. Did my old heart a world of good. It is these little moments that get me through all the rest.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Zac Brown Band

This was dinner before the ZBB concert. It was the same weekend as the Legwarmers. I think we realized that one concert a weekend was probably enough. Had a lot of fun though. ZBB was playing at the Birchmere in Alexandria. It was a pretty small place but the sound was awesome. They really put on a great show. Worth seeing over and over.

Legwarmers again agian and again

Another Legwarmers concert. They are so much fun. This was a friday night and we were all really exausted. Found the wonders of red bull though. Really does wake you up :)


It has been a rough sophmore year. I am really hoping that X's junior year is much better. We only have a day and a half left of this year. He isn't going to pass at least english. Maybe more but he will definitley be in summer school for english. I am working summer school this summer too. I will be the secretary. Its a little scary but exciting. I haven't worked a desk in a long long time. Kyle is going off all his meds this summer. He will be going to high school next year. eekkk. I just want to see how he does off the meds. He is getting so tall. He has grown 4 inches since December. He will pass me by very soon. Thats about it from here for now. Going to post some more pictures now